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I haven't heard of Mississippi Homeschool Life. Are you a new group?

We are an old group with a new name. Mississippi Homeschool Life was previously called Olive Branch Christian Home Educators. Recognizing that our members come from all over DeSoto, Marshall, Tate, and Shelby counties, the leadership voted to change the name of our group to better reflect the members that we serve.

Is your group still a Christian group?

Yes, our Statement of Faith has not changed. We are a Christian homeschool support group. (If you would like to see a copy of our Statement of Faith, please click here.)

How many families are in your group?

As of July 2023, there are over 260 families in MS Homeschool Life.

To which areas does Homeschool Life offer its services?

Homeschool Life currently has members from all over DeSoto County, Marshall County, Tate County, and Shelby County (Tennessee). 

What kinds of events does Homeschool Life plan?

We provide family events such as picnics and holiday parties. We create field trips to places all over the greater Memphis area. We have activities for moms, such as Mom's Night Out, and we have clubs for students, such as Swing Dance Club. We provide monthly teen events in addition to a yearly Banquet. And we provide a Kindergarten and High School Graduation event each year. 

How much does Homeschool Life cost to join?

Yearly dues are $35 per family, and are calculated from the date that you join our group. For example, if you joined Homeschool Life on August 1, 2023, you would immediately pay $35 in dues, and you would have membership from August 1, 2023 to August 1, 2024. At that time, you would need to pay another $35 in dues to keep your membership for the following year.

What does Homeschool Life expect from its members?

Each family is required to perform at least one Act of Service for the group per year or pay a $25 Service Charge. Families may choose either option. Acts of Service are things like helping to set up and clean up for graduation, coordinating a field trip, event, or party, or leading/co-leading a club. Members are encouraged to use their specific skills to serve the group in a way that is intuitive for them. If you have an idea of something that you can do that would serve the group, we would love to hear it!

Is Homeschool Life a co-op? Does Homeschool Life provide curriculum or classes for homeschoolers?

No. Mississippi Homeschool Life is not a co-op, nor do we provide classes, textbooks, or curriculum to homeschoolers. Homeschool Life also does not provide legal advice concerning such matters.

Mississippi Homeschool Life

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