Homeschooling in Mississippi

What is required of Mississippi residents who wish to homeschool their child(ren)? 

Currently in Mississippi, all children ages 6 - 17 must have a Certificate Of Enrollment (COE) form filled out and turned in to the local attendance officer by September 15th of each year. You can obtain this COE by calling your local attendance officer and leaving a message stating how many cards you need and your address. Contact one of the Attendance Officers below to request your COE form(s).

Attendance Officer  Email  Phone
 Iesha Dampier  662-342-2314
 Kelsey Danner  662-895-4610
 Teresa Matthews  662-280-3866
 Gwen McClure Pitts  662-781-1135
 Shana Blakely  662-560-6499

Do I need to attend home education conferences?

Attendance of homeschool conferences is not required, but can be very helpful. Conferences offer exciting opportunities for homeschool parents and students to come together, be encouraged, and share ideas. You can also receive excellent ideas from keynote speakers and conference vendors.

How do I choose a curriculum?

Your curriculum should fit the needs of your child, your family, and your lifestyle. Curriculums vary greatly, depending on the educational philosophy that they are based upon. If you would like information regarding different curriculums, visit our "Links" page to find a list of curriculum websites that you can explore.

Why should I join a support group like Mississippi Homeschool Life?

Finding and joining a local homeschool support group affords homeschool families the opportunity to learn from each other, share experiences, and to participate in various activities together. They provide a basic network of like-minded people who are committed to moral and academic excellence. Would you like to experience what Mississippi Homeschool Life has to offer? Join us today!

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